I  wrote the book with the intention that you can use it as your own content. Most of it actually is based on your content and I did my best in understanding your words and adding further information to it. I hope it gives extra value to you and your community.

The content is all yours and I also formulated it from your perspective so that you can use it however you want.

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1. Chapter:

  • Understanding your external
    • This chapter is based on your Video “How everything turns you into a slave of Consumerism” (I might be wrong with the title since your YouTube got blocked). However, I took your video as the base, reformulated it into written language and added further information to it. Since the following chapters focus a lot on the internal it made a lot of sense to first give the reader a perspective on how our culture and consumerism specifically influences us to keep living in the external and seek false fulfillment. I think this lesson is essential for the reader to understand the concept “Authentic Growth”. 

2. Chapter:

  • Becoming the best version of yourself
    • This chapter is based on your concept of becoming the best version of oneself. After the first chapter, the reader can better understand the difference between the “Me who I think I am” and the “Me who I really am”. Obviously same holds true for understanding the “Me that I think I want to be” and the “Me that I really want to be”. The reader with the help of this chapter can now better identify where he is actually standing and what he truly wants to aim for.  

3. Chapter:

  • Channeling negative emotions
    • This chapter is based on your Video “How to channel negative emotions”.  I tell the story of how you came to your epiphany moment and how it changed everything for you. After that I give some scientific background on what emotions are and the reason why we have them. Then I superficially go into the subject of the Yin and Yang related to emotions and the philosophy of Taoism. After that, I relate the concept of channeling emotions to boxing. This part shows how Mike Tyson successfully channeled the emotion fear for his fights. 

4. Chapter:

  • The power of intuition and belief
    • In the fourth chapter, I focus on the power Intuition and Belief. Even though you did not make any videos about it, I am sure that these concepts resonate with your overall philosophy. It also relates to the first chapter because now we understand how in our culture we unlearned to use our inner guidance and belief. Furthermore, they empathize the core of Authentic Growth which is the understanding of the internal/ of oneself. The chapter provides some scientific background information and examples that cohere with the concepts of intuition and belief

5. Chapter:

  • Hard and efficient work
    • In the fifth chapter, the reader will come to understand that in order to manifest authentic growth towards the best version of himself it is crucial to put in hard work and to do so efficiently. In the end, I relate it to Dark Mode which gives the reader the optimal structure to apply the concept of hard and efficient work. 

6. Chapter:

  • How to start
    • The last chapter includes parts of your video “How to start”. It also relates to the first chapter by showing how we overcomplicate simple things like starting because we focus too much on the external. Furthermoe, it explains how the fear of failure should not be something to stop you from starting.